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Stickies is a PC utility to take quick notes and keep them at hand
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Stickies is a PC utility to take quick notes and keep them at hand.
The program is small and simple. The notes are stored in a single text-based ini file.

The information is shown in yellow rectangular windows. Once you´ve take som note on them, they will stay on screen (even after reboots) until you take them away, just like a post-it.

You can take notes using the fonts, colors, style and buttons you like.

You can attach Stickies to a web site, document or folder so they only show when it's on screen,

You can even transfer your stickies (as well as your friend´s list) to another person (e.g. a co-worker) over a network, or by email, attaching a signature if you want.

When you install the program, a Stickie with its info will appear in your computer. The program then stays quietly on your System tray. You may activate it with a click in its yellow icon.

Once you´ve entered the info you want to write, right clicking on the Stickie will let you modify its parameters.

You can even double click on a word to paint it, then open the contextual menu with right click, and search that word in Yahoo!, Google or Live Search.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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